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Choosing the Best Ping Pong Table

You might be the best player in the world, or you may have never even heard of ping pong. You could live alone in a small apartment or with a large family in a castle. You have a yard or no yard. You have lots of space or limited space.

You like going out, or you love staying in. It does not matter who you are, what your situation is, and how much space you have; there is a ping pong table for you.

Yes, you heard me right. You could have a table in your very own home (or yard). It has never been more affordable to own your own table tennis table, and there are so many on the market, that you have your pick.

The only problem is that it can be hard to know where to start. Do you need a table to match your budget? Or your skill level? Or your space? Maybe even your decor?

Join us, as we take a look at exactly what you need to look at before you commit to the most fun you will have with a tiny bat and a tiny ball.


With almost everyone, space is a factor. You want a full-size one, but who has the space to have that permanently in their house? If you do have space, then there is no problem, move onto the next topic, but if space is an issue, then you need a one which is portable.

If you want to be able to store it, then you will need to find not which folds up or comes apart (the foldable ones are easier). You also want it to be easily moved. Look for one which can be folded up and moved by one person.

This means something which is on wheels. Being on wheels also means having brakes. Folding. Wheels. Brakes. You can set it up when you need it and put it away when you don’t.


Obviously, you do not want your table facing apart or breaking. A terrific table will cost you more than one which is cheap and nasty, but that does not mean that you have to spend a lot to get a table which will last.

Look for a one which has a good thickness. The thick ones will not break as easily as a thin tables, and a thicker surface also gives a better bounce. Look for a top surface with a thickness between 3/4 of an inch and 1 inch.

The legs are also a big factor in durability. The top can be firm and thick, but if the legs cannot hold it up, then what is the point? The legs should be sturdy and support your table for years.

Look for legs which fold with the table, but also legs with self-levelers on the bottom. You do not want to be slipping folded pieces of paper under a leg to get a level playing surface.

Outdoor or Indoor Table Game Play

Players Playing Ping Pong

This is an important factor when deciding on what table to get. Are you going to be playing inside or outside? If you are playing outside, then you need to look for a table which will hold up to the elements.

You could get away with using an indoor table, but you would need to cover it if there was any rain, and you could not store it outside, or the elements would cause parts to rust and warp.

Table tennis games are designed to be used outdoors will hold up under outdoor conditions, and you will be able to store them outdoors too. You will also want it to come with a cover so that the UV rays and moisture do not damage top surface when exposed for long periods of time.

If you do live in a temperamental climate, then you are going to have to pay the money for one with enough quality to withstand the weather.


We all want a full-size tennis table, but that may not always be possible. Even if you do get one which can fold up for storage, you still may not have the room to set up the table and play indoors.

While a full-size one is ideal, there are other options. You can find smaller ones which are designed for smaller spaces.

They will not give you a true version of the game, but if you want it for fun (and are not competing on the world stage), you will be just fine. Get your friends and family around, bring out the smaller option, and I can assure you that no one will be disappointed.


It goes without saying that the more you spend on your table, the better the game will be (generally, though it is always better to shop around to find the best deal).

You can find a cheap ping pong table, and when you play with your friends and family, you may not notice that the table is cheap, but if you have ever played on a good table, then the difference is significant.

A more expensive table will be thicker, and we have already talked about the better bounce you get on a thicker table. If you are getting a true bounce, then the game is going to be better and more fun.

A more expensive table also means a more sturdy and well-built table. Spending a little more money means having a table which will last longer. More money now means not spending more money later.

Other Considerations for Table Tennis Tables


A good tabletop is worth investing in, but you need a good frame to support it. Look for high-quality materials which will support the tabletop and not allow it to sink or drop over time. While we are talking about the tabletop, you can do a quick test to see how good it is.

If you are playing on a professional table and drop the ball from 1 foot above the table, the ball will bounce 9 times. Do the ball drop test on a table you are thinking of buying and see how close it comes to the 9 bounces. This test also helps you determine whether expensive tables are high-quality or high-priced.

When you do you want to buy it, does it come with a guarantee? Is there a warranty, should part of the product break? Spending a little more money to get a one with a warranty can be worth it for the peace of mind alone, but if the table should break, then you can be left with something worthless or expensive to fix.

The other thing to look for is spare parts. Does the product come with spare parts such as extra screws or a replacement net? Replacing parts can cost, but they can also be a hassle to get.

It may seem weird at first, but the color should also be something to think about. If you are going to have the ping pong table permanently assembled in a room or outdoors, then you are going to want the one to match the decor.

Even if you are only setting it up temporarily, it so beneficial to match the table with the decor. This is not essential, but if you can get the table you want and have it match, then you are onto a winner.

You will likely buy your paddles separately, so I recommend checking out the reviews of ping pong paddles here.

The final thing you want to look at is the quality of the net.  but the net will come with the package. There are a few important factors to think about when looking at the net.

The first is how it is attached to the to surface. Is it easy to set up and remove?

Does it scratch or damage the table when it is attached?

Is it the correct height (15.25cm above the table). Is it tight?

And is there a way to tighten it when it becomes slack?

Is it made of high-quality materials which will last as long as the whole product?

Will it be okay for outdoor use? The table is important, but without a good net, are you even playing ping pong?


Having Fun with Game

It really never has been easier and more affordable to buy a ping pong table and have one in your home. The thing to focus on when buying your table is to start with your maximum budget and then find the very best table in your price range.

It always pays to invest a little more money to get a high-quality table which will last. You do not want to have to pay for replacement part or repairs.

With the information in our guide, you can set your budget and then choose the most recommended table for you. There is a lot to consider, but when you rule out the lesser tables, you will only have quality tables left to choose from. Choose the one which fits your budget, and you will be playing ping pong in no time.

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