Best Foosball Tables Available on the Market Today

American football may be the great American game, but foosball is the great American table game. In fact, the game is played the world over, and for a good reason. The game is all kinds of fun.

From the youngest child to the oldest adult, no one can resist spinning one of the handles when they see a foosball table. No one can help but smile when they hear the sweet thunk of the ball hitting the back of the net (well, wood surround).

Do you want to hear the great news? It is easy and affordable to own your very own table foosball. You can buy one for your home and have hours of fun with friends and family.

There are a few things to think about when you come to buy one, but we have all of the information so you can get on with your purchase without having to spend time on the boring research. Let’s take a look.

Shopping Tips for Foosball Tables

Inspecting the Quality

Type of Table

There are a few ones to choose from, including stand-alone tables, tabletop, and convertible. The standard one will is a stand-alone one. This is the one you may have seen in a bar or cafe. They are full-size tables, and if you order one of these, you will likely have to assemble it in your home.

Tabletop are slightly smaller and will sit atop a table. They are great for people who have less space, want to store it to be occasionally used, or for kids. Combination ones have a variety of games in one table.

You can have table foosball, air hockey, billiards, and more. The choice of a product is dependent on your needs and space.


It goes without saying that a bigger table will need more space. A full-size one comes in at 56in x 30in. When you are looking at your space, take into account the surface size, the rods extending on each size, and the players standing on the side of the game too.

You want at least 7 feet of space to accommodate the width of a foosball table, or you may have to settle for something smaller.

Who’s in Goal?

Most standard US tables have 3 players on the goalie rod. This means that the rod nearest the goal will have a line of three players. Most UK ones have only the goalie on this rod. The choice is a matter of preference.

One goalie requires more skill to stop the ball. The three-player rod makes for a faster-paced game. One thing to note is that the three-player rod can easily be converted to one player. You usually cannot go the other way.

Rods of Steel

The construction of the table is very important, and you should always try to find the highest-quality materials and construction in your budget, but the rods are something which you should never compromise on. Make sure that you always chose steel rod. They have a smooth action and will not bend or dent easily. Go for hollow rods to speed up the movement and the game.

Consider the Foosball Construction

Foosball Audit

If you want the very best table, then you should go for one which is constructed from solid wood.  The main part of the product should be solid, as should the legs. Composite materials will cost you less, but they will not last as long. The surface is also something which you should think about.

The top should be a solid laminate with the design in the laminate. If the designs are stuck onto the surface, then you know that, sooner or later, they are going to peel and disturb the game. A good laminate surface will also last.

If you have particle board or composite materials, the surface will likely chip and wear over time. This leads to a bumpy surface where the ball can bobble and bounce. You do not want a surface to create an uneven game. The better the surface, the quicker and more even the game will be.

A level Playing Field

The surface of your table should be level. This is the case for most new ones, and you should not have to even think about it, but the floor in your home may not be level. When choosing a product, look for self-levelers on the legs.

You should be able to turn each one individually to raise and lower the legs. This will allow you to create a level playing field no matter where your playing.


When you spin the rods or twist them to strike the ball, you often want the players to stay in a horizontal position. This means that when you are hitting the ball with players further down the pitch, there are no players who are getting in the way of the ball.

It is pretty sweet to score with your goalie. The most recommended foosball tables will have counterweighted players. When they are in a horizontal position, they will stay there.


The more you spend, the better the product. That is not always the case, but if you shop around, you will be able to find the best-quality one, for the lowest price. Decide on what your budget is going to be and then shop in that price range. Remember, the more you spend, the longer it is going to last. Sometimes it is worth spending a little more to get the product which will fit your needs.


It has never been more affordable to buy your own foosball table. Most homes have the space to house one if you do not mind moving some furniture out of the way, and the great thing about a foosball table is that almost anyone can play. They are fun for solo players or teams of players.

Use the information provided to make an informed choice on your purchase and bring some fun and excitement to your home.